Birthday Party – Friends Edition

In the three months that I stayed home with Aiden after he was born, I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic ladies with babies around the same age.  I didn’t know any new mothers (or many mothers in general) and the isolation during those early months was palpable.  So  we got out, worked out, and made a few friends in the process.  These women and their children have made the last year much more interesting and enjoyable for both Aiden and I.  Here’s a picture of us from last December after our mommy/baby workout class.

Cara & Drew, Julie & Reese, Alexis & Maya, Me & Aiden, Sally & Sunny

Cara and Kerstin’s (missing from the picture above, but originally seen here with Superman) sons each have a birthday that falls really close to Aiden’s so we decided to have a little birthday party for the boys to celebrate their turning one.  A good time was had by all.

Crafty decorations = a lot of work
Banner by Beth 


I’m 1!

These two are bad news!
Up to no good

Drew took his cupcake smashing seriously and stripped down.
Serious smashing

The birthday boys…straight out of a horror film…
Birthday boys

We may have waited too long to take group pictures because that was the best I got of all three of them.

The group

Point and case: we may have all been smiling here, but we were all holding on by a very thin thread.  Lesson learned for next time: pictures first, toys and cake later.  Next time I think we’ll invite the daddies too.  (Also, scroll back up and see how much these babies grew in 6 months!)


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