I’m Late! I’m Late!

My friend’s baby had her first birthday on March 5th.  Her name is Sunny and is often lovingly referred to as Sunny Bunny.  I finally managed to finish her gift a mere three months late.


This bunny represents something that I’ve been struggling with a lot lately: finding the time to do it all.  I have so many things that I would like to do, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I feel like I’m constantly behind on everything.


Top priority for me is being a good mom and wifey which I like to think I do pretty well.  But then when you factor in work, mundane chores (I mean picking up Dan’s socks from all over the house is a full time job), and my stupid 7-hours-of-sleep-or-I’ll-turn-into-an-evil-monster requirement, I’ll be damned if you haven’t sucked up nearly the entire day.  Nevermind all the other things I’d like to keep up with like blogging, planning a wedding, making and maintaining friendships, exercising, couponing, and knitting.  I’m constantly telling myself one thing at a time…prioritize and just accomplish one thing at a time. Then desperately cling to those accomplishments when you worry that you aren’t getting enough done.  Well finishing this was an accomplishment for me so here’s to you little bunny.


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