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A Pretty Nice Little Saturday

June 30, 2010

It was no Home Depot or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but check out some of the shenanigans that Aiden got into this past Saturday.

First I found this. 

Did you get in there all by yourself?

Normally he makes a bee-line to the bathroom to open and close the cabinets but I guess he decided to mix it up.  Not sure how he got in there gracefully, but he was pretty proud of himself.

Yeah I did!

Then he had Dan and I seriously cracking up over this.

The video speaks for itself, but this went on for a good 10 minutes (which is a long time in Aidenland).  There are more videos here and here.


Father’s Day

June 22, 2010

This Father’s Day Aiden thanked his daddy for everything he does with lots of hugs.

He loves him

And I reminded him of just how far their relationship has come.


There’s no one else that I would rather share in the joy of parenting with other than you Big Daddy Dan.  While the day was a relatively uneventful one, I still hope you know how lucky Aiden and I consider ourselves to be.


June 17, 2010

Aiden vs. Bath Tub

Aiden's black eye 

When he was born, Dan and I just wanted to keep him alive.  Now we’re hoping to keep the brain damage to a minimum.  The boy is seriously rough on his melon.  So much so that we’ve had real discussions about getting him a helmet.  Looks like we might need to consider a face mask as well.  If you look really closely at the inside of his right eyebrow, you can see the remnants of the last accident:  Aiden vs. Kitchen Drawer Handle.

Gulf Shores

June 16, 2010

Listening to waves crash on the beach while feeding your son a bottle at 6:00AM makes being awake at 6:00AM while on vacation a little bit more tolerable.

To the ocean!

Happy boy

Also, aunts are excellent.

Chillin with Aunt Becky

I’m Late! I’m Late!

June 15, 2010

My friend’s baby had her first birthday on March 5th.  Her name is Sunny and is often lovingly referred to as Sunny Bunny.  I finally managed to finish her gift a mere three months late.


This bunny represents something that I’ve been struggling with a lot lately: finding the time to do it all.  I have so many things that I would like to do, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I feel like I’m constantly behind on everything.


Top priority for me is being a good mom and wifey which I like to think I do pretty well.  But then when you factor in work, mundane chores (I mean picking up Dan’s socks from all over the house is a full time job), and my stupid 7-hours-of-sleep-or-I’ll-turn-into-an-evil-monster requirement, I’ll be damned if you haven’t sucked up nearly the entire day.  Nevermind all the other things I’d like to keep up with like blogging, planning a wedding, making and maintaining friendships, exercising, couponing, and knitting.  I’m constantly telling myself one thing at a time…prioritize and just accomplish one thing at a time. Then desperately cling to those accomplishments when you worry that you aren’t getting enough done.  Well finishing this was an accomplishment for me so here’s to you little bunny.

So big!

June 9, 2010

So big!

At 11 months Aiden…

  • responds to the question “How big are you?” and we instantly have a new favorite.
  • pulls up to standing and cruises along furniture.
  • is so busy.  This boy is constantly on the move and into everything. 
  • insists on climbing on the fireplace. 
  • knows you don’t want him to climb on the fireplace and stops and smiles at you before he does it.
  • whines in the most pathetic and fake way possible when you make him stop climbing on the fireplace.
  • comes crawling the second he hears my voice at daycare, demands to be picked up, and gives the best hugs and kisses.


June 9, 2010

A couple of weekends ago, we met one of my oldest and most talented friends Jason out at Grant Park in Atlanta.  Jason is an artist in every sense of the word – photographer, musician, web designer, and most recently videographer.

This video is such a treasure to us. A big fat thank you to Jason for making it.  I know this won’t be the last time his work shows up here as he’ll be photographing our upcoming wedding (which I couldn’t be more excited about).  And really this isn’t the first time either as he was the man behind this image that made my 2009 Year in Pictures.

1998 vs 2009

He took these two sets of pictures 11 years apart which I thought was a cool idea.  I told you he was an old friend.

BG vs BP

June 3, 2010

Me: “I’d like to finish this blanket [that I’ve been working on sporadically since long before he was born] before his first birthday.”

Dan: “Hmph.”

Me: “What?  You don’t think I can do it?”

Dan: “I’ve just seen too many self-imposed deadlines come and go.  They’ll plug the hole in the ocean before you finish that blanket.”

Me: "I’ll bet you I finish this blanket before they plug that hole.”

Dan: “I’d take that bet.”

Me: “What do I get if I win?”

Dan: “The satisfaction of knowing there’s still oil leaking into the ocean and that our boy will never see a fish swimming in the gulf.”

Seven squares to go...

Speaking of the gulf, Aiden and I are headed to Gulf Shores this weekend with my sister, some girlfriends, and all of their kids.  Hopefully we won’t get oiled out.

Pool Days

June 3, 2010

Last Thursday we put Aiden in a little pool in the backyard.  He wasn’t sure at first because honestly the water was fra-eezing, but he got the hang of it.

Mommy's not getting in there...    Refreshing

Then we took him to the real pool over Memorial Day weekend and discovered we’ve got a little fish on our hands…

Chillaxing    Whoa

…who splashes on command.



It’s going to be a good summer!