As we have a curious little crawler in the house now, Dan has started baby-proofing the house a bit.  First off we’ve covered all of the outlets with these plugs that I’m pretty sure were invented to make sure that no one ever accesses the outlet again.  I mean you seriously need a screwdriver to remove them.  And since having a screwdriver lying around kind of goes against the whole baby-proofing thing, when it came time to vacuum, I thought I was being smart by unplugging the air freshener and using that outlet.  That is until I went to plug it back in…

Offending Air FreshenerStripped

It’s great to learn that the stuff we pump into the air that we breathe strips paint.  Something just doesn’t seem right about that, but then something has to mask the smell of dog and baby poop.

And then there’s this contraption.

Toilet Lock

We now require three steps and two hands to open all of the toilet seats in our house which proves to be quite parent-proof as well as baby-proof.  I can’t wait until the first time I pee my pants because of this thing.

For those keeping score, baby-proofing – 2, parents – 0.


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