Happy 10 Months Aiden!

10 months

Dear Aiden,

Ok so you’re technically 10.5 months old now, but as usual I’m running behind with my updates (I actually intended this letter to be written to the 9 month old Aiden…whoops!).  I just couldn’t in good conscious let it go any longer, otherwise I’d certainly leave out something from what has arguably been one of my favorite stages of your life thus far.  Which brings me to my first observation…

You’re constantly changing.  Something that will make you laugh (or cry) one day may not the next.  So we make sure to revel in these moments with you daily, soaking it all in.

You’re a chow hound.  You freaking love to eat and for that I am most thankful.  We recently started you on school lunch because those little jars of baby food just weren’t cutting it.  Your teacher says you eat better than anyone in the next four rooms of the daycare.  I really hope your love of food sticks.  The three of us have a lot of fun at meal times rocking in our chairs, smacking our lips,  and cramming our mouths full.

You’ve recently decided that you hate having your diaper changed, and you wiggle in the most inventive ways to try to free yourself from my grasp.  It’s like WWF up in here every time you crap your pants.

9 months You give me kisses and high fives.  You have six teeth that bite…HARD!  You’re crawling and pulling up to your knees.  You throw everything.  You love, love, love to chase your blocks around the house.  It’s like you’re a little man on the most pointless mission.  You “face-dive” into soft things.  You’re into anything electronic that lights up or makes noise just like daddy.  No clean or organized room is safe when you’re around.  You’re into everything and can tear apart an entire room in five minutes flat.  You seem to insist upon a certain amount of disorder in your toys.  You have the best, most genuine laugh and you’re extremely generous with your smiles.  You say da-da, ba-ba, and va-va (referring to nothing in particular) regularly.  You squeal in delight frequently. 

You make me wonder constantly what it must be like to be so pure and carefree.  I can actually see the wheels turning in there, and I often wonder what it is that you’re piecing together at that very moment.  It’s amazing to see you growing and thriving so quickly as we never could have imagined you as you are now even three months ago. 

Did I mention that you love to eat?  Did I mention that I love your face?

Only a month and a half until you’re one.

Love you a million,



One Response to “Happy 10 Months Aiden!”

  1. kathy truhn Says:

    that adorable face makes me smile too.

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