My First Mother’s Day

Aiden’s been bogarting all the firsts lately so it’s nice to finally get one.  This is how my day started.  Don’t be jealous.

Cuddle time

And then the Guthrie’s came over for a little Mother’s Day BBQ.  I’ll let the pictures tell the tale.

Tyler & Aiden         Block chasing
Cousins                                           Little block chasing after lunch

After eating, Jimmy found his normal spot on the couch where he
pretty much stayed the entire time

Watching Aunt Becky juggle

 Mommy and me

 Mothers and daughters
Mothers and daughters

 Becky's little family      My little family
Becky’s little family                            My little family

 Proud Grandparents
Proud Grandparents

Uncle Jimmy  
Uncle Jimmy finally got up and held the baby for like the third time ;)

Slow down kid!
How you doin?

I hope all of you mothers out there had as happy of a Mother’s Day as I did!


One Response to “My First Mother’s Day”

  1. Carol Willcox Says:

    Looks like everyone had a great Mother’s Day. The picture taking is so well done – could have been a photographer taking the 2 family pictures. Aunt Carol

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