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May 27, 2010

As we have a curious little crawler in the house now, Dan has started baby-proofing the house a bit.  First off we’ve covered all of the outlets with these plugs that I’m pretty sure were invented to make sure that no one ever accesses the outlet again.  I mean you seriously need a screwdriver to remove them.  And since having a screwdriver lying around kind of goes against the whole baby-proofing thing, when it came time to vacuum, I thought I was being smart by unplugging the air freshener and using that outlet.  That is until I went to plug it back in…

Offending Air FreshenerStripped

It’s great to learn that the stuff we pump into the air that we breathe strips paint.  Something just doesn’t seem right about that, but then something has to mask the smell of dog and baby poop.

And then there’s this contraption.

Toilet Lock

We now require three steps and two hands to open all of the toilet seats in our house which proves to be quite parent-proof as well as baby-proof.  I can’t wait until the first time I pee my pants because of this thing.

For those keeping score, baby-proofing – 2, parents – 0.


Happy 10 Months Aiden!

May 16, 2010

10 months

Dear Aiden,

Ok so you’re technically 10.5 months old now, but as usual I’m running behind with my updates (I actually intended this letter to be written to the 9 month old Aiden…whoops!).  I just couldn’t in good conscious let it go any longer, otherwise I’d certainly leave out something from what has arguably been one of my favorite stages of your life thus far.  Which brings me to my first observation…

You’re constantly changing.  Something that will make you laugh (or cry) one day may not the next.  So we make sure to revel in these moments with you daily, soaking it all in.

You’re a chow hound.  You freaking love to eat and for that I am most thankful.  We recently started you on school lunch because those little jars of baby food just weren’t cutting it.  Your teacher says you eat better than anyone in the next four rooms of the daycare.  I really hope your love of food sticks.  The three of us have a lot of fun at meal times rocking in our chairs, smacking our lips,  and cramming our mouths full.

You’ve recently decided that you hate having your diaper changed, and you wiggle in the most inventive ways to try to free yourself from my grasp.  It’s like WWF up in here every time you crap your pants.

9 months You give me kisses and high fives.  You have six teeth that bite…HARD!  You’re crawling and pulling up to your knees.  You throw everything.  You love, love, love to chase your blocks around the house.  It’s like you’re a little man on the most pointless mission.  You “face-dive” into soft things.  You’re into anything electronic that lights up or makes noise just like daddy.  No clean or organized room is safe when you’re around.  You’re into everything and can tear apart an entire room in five minutes flat.  You seem to insist upon a certain amount of disorder in your toys.  You have the best, most genuine laugh and you’re extremely generous with your smiles.  You say da-da, ba-ba, and va-va (referring to nothing in particular) regularly.  You squeal in delight frequently. 

You make me wonder constantly what it must be like to be so pure and carefree.  I can actually see the wheels turning in there, and I often wonder what it is that you’re piecing together at that very moment.  It’s amazing to see you growing and thriving so quickly as we never could have imagined you as you are now even three months ago. 

Did I mention that you love to eat?  Did I mention that I love your face?

Only a month and a half until you’re one.

Love you a million,


Sharing the Wealth

May 14, 2010

money_tree I recently stumbled upon something that has revolutionized the way that Dan and I grocery shop, and we’ve told so many people about it already that I thought maybe it warranted a post for any of you out there that may be interested in saving a TON of money on the things you already buy.  This will also save me the time and trouble of going through this whole spiel with the random stranger on the street as I can now just say “Hey man, you want to cut your grocery bill in half?  Go check out my blog.”

The whole idea behind this magical shopping is to try to only buy items when they go on sale (everything goes on sale eventually), and then use coupons, stacking manufacturers coupons with store coupons when possible,  to push the price waaay down (yes, I’ve become the crazy coupon lady).  Seems like an easy enough concept right?

Well it is, but the problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort to southern saversidentify the sales and then match them with coupons to get real results.  But lucky for us, there’s a website – Southern Savers – that does all the work for you.  All you have to do is identify the store(s) that you’d like to shop, pick what you want to buy from their weekly ads, and then clip a few coupons. 

The first question everyone always asks when I start explaining this is “Where do I get coupons?”.  The short answer is the Sunday newspaper.  We currently buy 2-3 newspapers a week solely for the coupon inserts.  You might think that’s crazy, but we’re both pretty good at math, and we easily save three times the amount that we pay for the papers in one trip to the store.  I also don’t clip coupons until I use them.  I date and file the entire insert and clip the coupons as needed.  That saves this crazy coupon lady a lot time.

At first glance of the Southern Savers website, you might be a little overwhelmed and not sure how to get started, but I recommend first checking out her tutorials which explain in a little more depth the concepts that I very briefly went over.

Once you get a lay of the land, pull up your store’s weekly ad and try to create a shopping list.  Keep in mind that it does take time (about a month) to build up your coupon collection to where you feel like you have most of the coupons that Southern Savers matches with sale items.  Also remember that if you’re buying something on sale without a coupon that you are still likely saving a great deal so don’t get discouraged.

For those curious, I do Publix for my grocery shopping because we love the BOGO deals that instantly start you off saving 50%.  For anything health and beauty related, I’ve found great joy in exploiting shopping CVS and Rite Aid.  Since pharmacy-type stuff is generally a necessity and can get kind of expensive, I highly recommend you give it a try.  When done right, the Wal-marts or Costcos of the world don’t stand a chance (plus there’s the added bonus of not having to go to Wal-mart).  Just to give you an idea, here’s the take from my last week’s CVS and Rite Aid trip…

Last week - CVS & Rite Aid 

Total merchandise value: $150.35
Total spent: $12.75 ($8.43 of which was tax)

CVS and Rite Aid each have their own little saving programs that you need to understand before you go into the store.  I don’t use Walgreens, but if you prefer them, they have a similar program to CVS.  To see how to get started with CVS, click here; for Rite Aid, here; and for Walgreens, here.  I’m by no means an expert, but let me know if you have any questions.  Southern Savers does a great job posting “Getting Started” scenarios with each weekly ad to help you see how to make these programs start working for you.  The comments on the Southern Savers site are also a great source of information for those trying to figure things out.

Good luck and happy shopping (and saving)!

Taste of Alpharetta

May 13, 2010

Judging by the crumbs left on his chin, we believe he found Alpharetta to be quite tasty.

There's nothing on your monitor...that's food on my face.

My First Mother’s Day

May 11, 2010

Aiden’s been bogarting all the firsts lately so it’s nice to finally get one.  This is how my day started.  Don’t be jealous.

Cuddle time

And then the Guthrie’s came over for a little Mother’s Day BBQ.  I’ll let the pictures tell the tale.

Tyler & Aiden         Block chasing
Cousins                                           Little block chasing after lunch

After eating, Jimmy found his normal spot on the couch where he
pretty much stayed the entire time

Watching Aunt Becky juggle

 Mommy and me

 Mothers and daughters
Mothers and daughters

 Becky's little family      My little family
Becky’s little family                            My little family

 Proud Grandparents
Proud Grandparents

Uncle Jimmy  
Uncle Jimmy finally got up and held the baby for like the third time ;)

Slow down kid!
How you doin?

I hope all of you mothers out there had as happy of a Mother’s Day as I did!

Game Changer

May 7, 2010

It all started with this mission impossible style rolling around.  You would have thought he was being careful not to trip any sensors as he moved along the floor.  Then he’d get up on his knees and rock.  Then he’d move his hands, neglect his legs, and proceed to drag himself across the floor (my favorite).

A couple of days later, being lured with puffs, he almost had it, but quickly fell back into his old tricks…

But once he got the taste of movement it wasn’t long.  Later that day on April 29th, 2010 (two days shy of his 10 month birthday), he mastered crawling.  And look at him now.  Here he is playing his favorite game where he throws and chases after his blocks (don’t mind the Disney music in the background…you know you love it).

Despite the  eagerness we felt leading up to this, our sentiments on the new development went something like this: Oh crap, what are we gonna do now??  And what’s next?  Walking?!?