Beach Days

I lived in Melbourne, Florida – a relatively small beach town on the Atlantic coast – for 5 years after college.  I have extremely fond memories of my time there including many, many glorious days of hanging out at beach.  These days involved a lot of volleyball, fun friends, and most importantly refreshing relaxation in the sun.  It was the perfect way to spend the weekend and let’s not even talk about my amazing tan.  I loved these beach days so much that I’ve nearly convinced Dan to move us back on several occasions.   However, recently I was cured of these silly desires…

Don't mind my filthy face...I don't!
Don’t mind my filthy face…I don’t!

What once began with sleeping in until 9 AM, leisurely getting ready and making my way to beach, now begins at 5:30 AM and involves obsessively applying lotion to someone that hates being lotioned.  There’s also the issue of making sure that the trip falls conveniently between all meals and nap times.  And let’s not forget the sand…oh so much sand…which apparently screams EAT ME to a nine month old.  So basically any kind of sitting back and relaxing is out of the question.


I did manage to get in a couple of games of volleyball thanks to my good friend Cynthia, who was crazy gracious enough to open up her spare bedroom to Aiden and I while Dan was working on his tiny house, but I think it will be awhile (if ever) before I’m able to enjoy the beach in the carefree way that I used to.  But Aiden and I had a great time playing around (and the after beach nap was still pretty excellent for both of us).   I can’t wait to introduce the boy to a shovel and a bucket…

Paradise Beach People watching


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