When In Rome – Part 3

The conclusion…

8. Be oblivious to construction.

They cover buildings that are under construction with tarps that look just like the buildings.  I thought this was a pretty genius idea.  The only thing that may tip you off is the giant advertisement from the company that obviously paid for the tarp.

By the Spanish Steps

Under construction

9.  Become a Japanese tourist (or at the very least travel with one).

A man and his camera Action shot

Anytime we’d get in a nice wide open  space,  Dan would start  shooting millions of pictures in a circle which admittedly started to get on my nerves.  He swore that I’d appreciate the final results.

He was right.  Here are a couple of panoramic scenes he pieced together from said occurrences.  (You really must click on these to see the bigger picture)

Inside the Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

Inside the Pantheon

Inside the Pantheon

Duomo di Milano.  I wasn’t with Dan in Milan for this one, but this picture makes it almost like being there.

Duomo di Milano

10.  Get sick of Italian food.   Break down and get McDonalds.

Mckie D's



11.  Silently thank an old language arts teacher.


Yeah I knew that was Remus and Romulus without needing to be told (the wolf mother gives it away).  What I didn’t know when I was learning that in high school is that one day I would be walking around Rome  doing this to all the statues.


But I *should* have known.

There you have it folks.  Rome in a nutshell.  From afar (aka the top of buildings) Rome was amazingly beautiful from every angle – exactly how you’d imagine it to be.  It’s just crazy how something so awe-inspiring from a distance can be such a hot mess when you’re in the thick of it.  Would I suggest you visit Rome?  Definitely (and go to Pompeii).  Will I ever go back?  Probably not.  A week was definitely enough Rome for me in a lifetime.  No offense Rome, but if we’re doing another sightseeing (aka walk your ass off) vacation, there’s just too many other places in the world to see.

Seriously though, Dan and I had a wonderful time.  It didn’t feel too much like a honeymoon so we’ll probably do something a little more relaxing once we actually get married.  But it was great to finally make it out of the country and expand on my horizons a bit.


2 Responses to “When In Rome – Part 3”

  1. Steven Says:

    May I recommend an all-inclusive resort with gratuities included and swim-up bars? Best. Vacation. Evar. I mean, for a honeymoon-type vacation.

    http://tinyurl.com/35a6zj3 was amazing.

  2. Carol Willcox Says:

    What a wonderful trip. The things that you saw are things that most of us only see on TV or in books. It is good to see you and Dan so happy. Love to all – Aunt Carol

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