While You Were Away: Update

First and last update to be exact.  Before you left you had asked me to update you with a picture and a story every day.  I started out motivated, but then there was the laundry and work and feeding and packing.  Plus we got to video chat a couple of times which unfortunately allowed this request to fall to the bottom of the priority pile (even though Aiden was scared of the crazy man in the box).  We just didn’t have a lot of time to make and/or document good memories this week (although we did hang out in the “fort” together a lot which is always good for a laugh).  I think this is what makes me the saddest for single mothers.  While this week showed me that I am 100% capable of doing it myself,  I lose A LOT of precious time with Aiden when you’re not there.  I miss him doing cute things because I’m letting the dogs out or moving the laundry to the dryer or preparing 15 million bottles.  And I didn’t even cook a single meal for myself while you were gone (thank god for cereal and that pizza we ordered before you left).  I noticed it this  morning while trying to get out the door that Aiden spent a majority of the time entertaining himself while I ran around getting things together.  I’m sure some would say such is life, but I suddenly felt like I was missing something important…and I’m pretty sure that it was you.

So while I don’t have any new memories to share with you, I’ve been looking for a good excuse to post this one up for a while.  Just a little reminder of what you’ve been missing this past week.  I must warn you that it’s probably going to make you miss him like ten times over.

Tomorrow I leave my baby for an entire week for Italy.  This is causing me a lot more stress than I anticipated, making it hard to be excited or properly prepared for the trip.  The donuts – yes, plural – that I had this morning unfortunately did little to relieve my anxiety. We’re all packed up though so I guess that’s something.  Italy better be worth it.


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