While You Were Away: Weekend

Saturday was the first day you were gone and Aiden adjusted quite well to being the man of the house by yelling at the dogs just as you would have done.

I had left over pizza for lunch, and I shared it with Aiden.  Every time I gave him a piece of it, he looked at me like this.

Mmmm pizza

He made the same face following the hotdog, fries, and baked beans he had at Nama and Paw Paw’s house.  Man our boy can eat!  And since you always get a treat in their house if you clean your plate, he scored a bit of the ice cream and strawberry sundae that Paw Paw made us.  It was gooood.

Sunday morning, we went and had brunch at Einstein’s.  He was excited to show you the paper that my bagel came on/he had a blast with.

Look Dad!

After I took this picture, people sat down at the table right behind him and were uncomfortably close considering all the other places they could have sat.  Aiden made them pay for it about half way through their lunch though by pooping as loudly as he could.  They didn’t acknowledge all of his grunting, but I know they had to hear it.  I just sat there chuckling to myself.


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