It’s official!  We’ve finally set a date for our wedding.  October 22, 2010.  We’ve been engaged for well over a year now, and it will be super nice when people ask me to actually have an answer other than a shrug followed by a prompt change of subject.  And while my tendency is to be all “Whew!  Glad I got that out of the way”, I’m beginning to realize that the planning has only just begun.  I already had one of those awesome dreams where everyone shows up to the wedding and it’s a disaster because I decided to just wing it.

But that’s enough about the wedding.  Let’s talk about the honeymoon.  Yes, already.  Because as many of you may have noticed, we recently had a pre-marital baby, and in the interest of consistency we have decided to go on our honeymoon before getting married as well.


Now I know many of you are sitting there saying “A baby I can understand, but a honeymoon?  Come on!  That’s just absurb!”.

And while that may be true, a great honeymoon opportunity has presented itself.  Remember the trip to Italy I mentioned before?  Well after some discussion on the effect that the time change and extensive travel might have on our little guy, we’ve decided it would be in his best interest to sit this one out.  Especially since it will be completely lost on him that we’re even out of our yard, let alone the country.

So in a week it will be just Dan and I (what the heck are we going to do with ourselves!?!) in Rome celebrating a marriage that hasn’t occurred yet.  But we did set a date.  So there!


One Response to “Consistency”

  1. Kim Harner Says:

    October 22nd! That is mine and Justin’s “together” anniversary. Granted it’s been almost 11 years! Wow! How time flies! Congrats!

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