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While You Were Away: Update

March 11, 2010

First and last update to be exact.  Before you left you had asked me to update you with a picture and a story every day.  I started out motivated, but then there was the laundry and work and feeding and packing.  Plus we got to video chat a couple of times which unfortunately allowed this request to fall to the bottom of the priority pile (even though Aiden was scared of the crazy man in the box).  We just didn’t have a lot of time to make and/or document good memories this week (although we did hang out in the “fort” together a lot which is always good for a laugh).  I think this is what makes me the saddest for single mothers.  While this week showed me that I am 100% capable of doing it myself,  I lose A LOT of precious time with Aiden when you’re not there.  I miss him doing cute things because I’m letting the dogs out or moving the laundry to the dryer or preparing 15 million bottles.  And I didn’t even cook a single meal for myself while you were gone (thank god for cereal and that pizza we ordered before you left).  I noticed it this  morning while trying to get out the door that Aiden spent a majority of the time entertaining himself while I ran around getting things together.  I’m sure some would say such is life, but I suddenly felt like I was missing something important…and I’m pretty sure that it was you.

So while I don’t have any new memories to share with you, I’ve been looking for a good excuse to post this one up for a while.  Just a little reminder of what you’ve been missing this past week.  I must warn you that it’s probably going to make you miss him like ten times over.

Tomorrow I leave my baby for an entire week for Italy.  This is causing me a lot more stress than I anticipated, making it hard to be excited or properly prepared for the trip.  The donuts – yes, plural – that I had this morning unfortunately did little to relieve my anxiety. We’re all packed up though so I guess that’s something.  Italy better be worth it.



March 8, 2010

From the minute Aiden was born, the debate regarding who he looks more like has raged on.  Who do you think he looks like?





Dad Aiden

Hmmm, still too close to call for me.

While You Were Away: Weekend

March 7, 2010

Saturday was the first day you were gone and Aiden adjusted quite well to being the man of the house by yelling at the dogs just as you would have done.

I had left over pizza for lunch, and I shared it with Aiden.  Every time I gave him a piece of it, he looked at me like this.

Mmmm pizza

He made the same face following the hotdog, fries, and baked beans he had at Nama and Paw Paw’s house.  Man our boy can eat!  And since you always get a treat in their house if you clean your plate, he scored a bit of the ice cream and strawberry sundae that Paw Paw made us.  It was gooood.

Sunday morning, we went and had brunch at Einstein’s.  He was excited to show you the paper that my bagel came on/he had a blast with.

Look Dad!

After I took this picture, people sat down at the table right behind him and were uncomfortably close considering all the other places they could have sat.  Aiden made them pay for it about half way through their lunch though by pooping as loudly as he could.  They didn’t acknowledge all of his grunting, but I know they had to hear it.  I just sat there chuckling to myself.


March 5, 2010

It’s official!  We’ve finally set a date for our wedding.  October 22, 2010.  We’ve been engaged for well over a year now, and it will be super nice when people ask me to actually have an answer other than a shrug followed by a prompt change of subject.  And while my tendency is to be all “Whew!  Glad I got that out of the way”, I’m beginning to realize that the planning has only just begun.  I already had one of those awesome dreams where everyone shows up to the wedding and it’s a disaster because I decided to just wing it.

But that’s enough about the wedding.  Let’s talk about the honeymoon.  Yes, already.  Because as many of you may have noticed, we recently had a pre-marital baby, and in the interest of consistency we have decided to go on our honeymoon before getting married as well.


Now I know many of you are sitting there saying “A baby I can understand, but a honeymoon?  Come on!  That’s just absurb!”.

And while that may be true, a great honeymoon opportunity has presented itself.  Remember the trip to Italy I mentioned before?  Well after some discussion on the effect that the time change and extensive travel might have on our little guy, we’ve decided it would be in his best interest to sit this one out.  Especially since it will be completely lost on him that we’re even out of our yard, let alone the country.

So in a week it will be just Dan and I (what the heck are we going to do with ourselves!?!) in Rome celebrating a marriage that hasn’t occurred yet.  But we did set a date.  So there!

Up Until Eight Months Ago…

March 2, 2010

Up until eight months ago, the sound of a baby crying wouldn’t send me into a fit of panic or make me feel like my heart was being ripped from my chest.

Up until eight months ago, I was never concerned with the frequency or consistency of someone else’s poop.

Up until eight months ago, I would have never left the house with drool on my sleeves or vomit on my shoes.

Up until eight months ago, I thought taking a shower everyday was a non-negotiable.

Up until eight months ago, when I went shopping with a list, I left the store with everything on the list.

Up until eight months ago, I never tried getting a smile out of someone by making animal noises, singing the same song repeatedly or  speaking nonsense in a high pitched voice.

Up until eight months ago, I looked forward to nap time for a very different reason.

Up until eight months ago, I would have never cut my hair short again.

Up until eight months ago, I didn’t smile or laugh or feel so much love for someone in the course of one day.

So in fifteen years (give or take a few) when you’re embarrassed by me, just remember that you made me who I am today.  I used to be normal…but now I’m a mom.


New Car Seat Day

March 1, 2010

I remember back nearly a year ago being fairly pregnant and visiting our friend Paula in DC.  At the time she had an 8 month old daughter and  was transitioning her into a “big-girl” car seat.  Despite having to lug around a heavy chair with an even heavier baby, she told us she was actually missing the convenience of the infant car seat.  I remember so clearly having this conversation back then.  Dan and I smiled and nodded and pretended to understand what she was going though, but really we were clueless.  Fast forward to today and here we are with our 8 month old little man sitting EXACTLY in Paula’s shoes.

8 months

We picked up his “big-boy” car seat today.  Aiden is quickly outgrowing the infant seat (mostly in length) and at eight months is doing a pretty good job of sitting up by himself.  This means we can feel pretty comfortable being out without his seat since we can do things like this when we’re shopping:

Shopping Cart at BRU

And this when we’re eating out:

High Chair at Five Guys

What you can’t see in the picture above was the old couple sitting close by watching, wondering why I was taking a million pictures of Aiden in his high chair playing with lids and Splenda packets.  Finally I looked over at them and was all like “WHAT!?!  It’s his first time in a restaurant high chair OKAY!”.  They smiled and nodded (like we used to do pre-baby), but I still think they thought I was one crazy mom.

Happy 8 months, Aiden!