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Splish Splash

February 22, 2010

We used to bathe Aiden in the kitchen sink, but we recently had to move him to the tub because things started getting a little messy…


The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

February 21, 2010

That pretty much sums up Dan’s feelings on last weekend and much to my chagrin, I’m going to have to agree with him.  But I really did have the best of intentions when I booked the charming little cabin in the north Georgia mountains for his birthday/Valentine’s Day gift.  I thought we’d do a little hiking, cuddle up by the fire…you know, just get away for the weekend.  Little did I know the evil that was awaiting us when we stepped out of our house on that fateful Friday afternoon.

First off, it snowed the whole way to the park which wasn’t a problem until we were literally like a mile from our destination and we got stopped for nearly an hour thanks to a car that had spun out ahead of us. 

Dan really wanted me to stop taking these pictures out of the car window...

Then the icy mountain roads dissuaded us from going out to dinner once we got there so Dan was forced to have nothing but a PB&J sandwich for dinner.  Oh the inhumanity, I know.  At least the snow was pretty.

Cute bear on our deck       Family 

Winter wonderland

But the sun came out the next morning, and despite some mounting anxiety I had with taking the baby on too long and/or too strenuous of a hike, we decided that we’d conquer the 5 miles up to Anna Ruby Falls -  the longest, most strenuous hike the place had to offer.

Dan did the first 80%       Then I took over the last 20 

Clearly the start of the hike

And with the snow, the 20 pound load we were carrying, the mountains we were scaling, and the bridgeless rivers we were crossing, it was definitely a strenuous 5 miles/2.5 hours.  Talks centered largely on cannibalism and how we would survive if we got lost. 

Bridge was out      Bridge? What bridge?  Bridges are for wusses

It was tiring for him too!

But we made it.

Fruits of our labor..

Anna Ruby Falls

And then there was the matter of the additional five miles we had to walk to get back to home base.  Only now the baby was over it and we were both pretty sure we had pulled various muscles on the first STRENUOUS five miles.  Needless to say, I’m pretty sure that people that complain as much as we did in the next two hours JUST DON’T HIKE!

Despite the 4.5 hours of self-inflicted torture, we arrived back to our cabin with high hopes for the remainder of the trip.  Hiking hadn’t gone over so well, but we still had the fire and plenty of beer.  All was not lost…

Love him!

…that is until I started violently puking up everything I had eaten that day.  Once it started shooting out of the other end, we both knew any chance of a romantic evening was lost so we went to bed.  Dan woke up the next morning with my little stomach flu while the baby proceeded to have diarrhea like I’ve never seen.  We packed up our stuff and high-tailed it home, bringing an end to our fairy-tale weekend.

The snow hadn't melted

So Happy Birthday (and Happy Valentine’s Day) my sweet love Dan, and did I mention yet that I’m sorry?  Next year I promise to just buy you the damn scanner!


New Work Schedule

February 8, 2010

Remember back when I said I would never work a full work week again?  Well I lied.  I’m back to a 40 hours a week…however, I should mention that THREE out of five days are from home (don’t ask me how I managed to score this arrangement)!  Last week was the first week for my new schedule, and while it will take some getting used to, it was for the most part awesome.  The goals of switching it up were to 1) cut down on some of my horrendous commute into downtown and 2) be a little closer to Aiden during the day.  Well I calculated and this should cut out about 9000 miles/year, and since my mom watches Aiden on Mondays (one of my work from home days) I was able to capture this priceless moment on his seven month birthday which I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do.  I’d say mission accomplished!

Aiden in the Box

Btw, it looks like Dan may have to travel to Italy for work in the near future, so we’re going tomorrow to get Aiden a passport.  There’s no way we’re missing out on this!

2009 in Pictures

February 1, 2010

I’m relatively new to this whole blogging thing, so I didn’t realize that it’s a common practice to post a “Year in Pictures” come the new year.  But as soon as I saw it on a couple of blogs that I follow, I knew I wanted to do it.  It just seems like such a great way to not only revisit some of my favorite pictures from the year, but also to work in several that didn’t have a place previously for whatever reason.

Of course, since I didn’t realize that I wanted to do this until shortly after the new year, I knew mine would be late and that I’d have the joy of completing the task hanging over me until I got motivated.  I gave myself a one month deadline figuring a 2009 year in pictures wouldn’t make any sense much later into 2010.  So with no time to spare in my self-imposed deadline, here we are.

Soundtrack – Alexi Murdoch “All My Days”