Happy 6 Months Aiden!

Dear Aiden, SONY DSC

Happy half birthday and happy new year!  It’s hard to believe that the year of your birth is already over.  It truly is flying by as everyone says it will.  You’ve developed so much in the last 2 months.  It seems like everyday you do something new and perfect, making it impossible to keep up.  With the constant change, I worry that we’re not doing enough to capture all of your little nuances that can sometimes be short-lived. It doesn’t help that you’re more aware of the video camera now so I have to be sneaky to capture anything.  I’ve tried to talk your dad into installing cameras all over the house to record every moment, but he thinks I’m being ridiculous.  He’s probably right.  Anyways, here’s a look at some of our more memorable moments from the last two months…

You like to play peek-a-boo, sometimes with a blanket, but sometimes you’ll nuzzle into my chest to “hide”.  Then you’ll look up at me with the cutest, most expectant face until I look back at you.  When I look down, you smile and nuzzle into me again.  This game is a heart-melter.  If daddy is within sight, you’ll play with him too.  It’s our favorite.

You’ve started doing our tongue noises back at us.  You get that we think it’s funny because now when you do it, you give this forced laugh afterwards. This of course makes it even more funny.

When you smell or get a taste of something you like, you start sucking your lip.  It’s reminiscent of how you used to move your mouth right before I fed you, and it’s become a trademark move of yours.  Cooking bacon has never been so funny.

You’re really holding your head up now.  When we come in to get you from your crib, you are peeking over the railing waiting for us.

You’re independent, but only in useful ways.  You insist on holding your own bottle and have since around 5 months.  You like to turn the pages of your board books for me when I read to you sometimes.  You’re still a lover though and I love that.  You let me cuddle you.  You touch my face and hair.  You hold me back by digging your claws fingers into my arms and resting your head on my shoulder.

You’ve discovered the faucet and the water that comes out of it during bath time.

You have become so curious and observant.  You like to watch me eat.  You love the dogs – they make you smile and giggle.  You hate having your boogers sucked.  My tendency to just sit and watch you has increased a million times over.  I want to remember you like this forever.  Slow down, kid!

Love you a million,



One Response to “Happy 6 Months Aiden!”

  1. kathy truhn Says:

    You are leaving no stone unturned on the life and times of Mr Aiden Louche. I cannot begin to tell you how much I look forward to your updates. If I can’t be there to touch and smell such a wonderful creation, reading about him and watching the video portions makes me sad that I cannot be an important being in his life, but I also feel as though I am not missing everything. I can’t be there but at least I don’t feel like a stranger looking in. He’s not in my arms, but all of you are in my heart.

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