Mother of the Year

Well 2010 just started and I’m already out of the running for Mother of the Year.  I braved icy roads to take Aiden to his 6 month well visit this morning only to find out that he is not well at all.  Both of his ears are infected.  But kids get sick all the time, right?  Why would this incident alone take me out of the running?  Well first of all he’s been fighting a low-grade fever for the last 36 hours or so which I casually passed off as teething troubles.  And second, these little exchanges that I’ve been having with him for the last week or so keep running through my head.

::flashback begins::

Aiden starts rubbing his ear.

Me: “Did you find your ear?  That’s your ear.  Hey look Dan, Aiden found his ear.  He’s so smart".”

Aiden keeps insisting with the ear, at one point scratching the inside up with his talons nails, leaving scabs.

Me: “You better be nice to that ear.  It’s the only one you’re going to get.”

::flashback ends::

Dammit.  I’m a horrible mother.  I can just hear his “Look Who’s Talking” inner dialog now:

Aiden: “If this is the only one I’m going to get, we better go to the doctor and get some medicine woman!”

Help me...

In all honesty, the ear thing never even occurred to me until after the fact and knowing that I had a doctor’s appointment on the immediate horizon, I figured we could discuss the fever thing then.  At best I would have gone in only one day earlier.  Hopefully I haven’t permanently damaged his hearing for life.

So while he wasn’t able to get his shots due to the weakened state of his immune system, we were able to get some updated stats which is always a crowd pleaser.  Aiden is weighing in at 15 lbs 8 ozs (10-25th percentile) and measures 26 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile).  His head is still measuring in the 25-50th percentile which at six months means he’s likely avoided the dreaded big head baby  syndrome.  You know the one – where the babies head looks GIANT in respect the rest of their body.  I looked for a picture online, but I think people avoid posting pictures of their baby if they have it.  Or this is just one of Dan and I’s irrational fears that doesn’t really exist in the world.

I know this is getting long, but on a somewhat related note, I would just like to say that I hate – HATE – daycare.  Before we went back to work, I had this little exchange with Dan after Aiden was pretty much 100% well from my week off.

Me: “How many days do you think it will take Aiden to get sick when he goes back to daycare?”

Dan: “Days?  You mean hours?”

Dammit.  He hit it on the head.  But it was actually 2 days.  I hate daycare.

Shortly after I finished writing this, Dan put himself out of the running for Father of the Year =)


One Response to “Mother of the Year”

  1. kathy truhn Says:

    Oh my gosh, all this time I was worried about not being grandmother of the year…seems like I fit right into this family after all. The fruit didn’t fall far from the vine after all. You guys are so normal it’s scarey.

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