It’s Finally Looking a Bit Like Christmas

It’s amazing how having a child makes Christmas decorating THE most important thing after Thanksgiving.  I remember it from my childhood. My parents always did an awesome job of making our house feel merry and bright at this time of year.  Last year Dan and I were all about the scrooge, neglecting to even put up a tree.  But this year I’ve insisted that we kick it into high gear – for Aiden’s sake of course.  Christmas tree, holly, lights, stockings…the whole nine yards.  I even ordered Christmas cards that I’m actually excited about sending out.  Usually I just buy them, stress about them every day up to Christmas, and then end up packing them up with the rest of my wrapping supplies when Christmas is over (speaking of which, if you know someone that needs hundreds of generic Christmas cards, send them my way).  Anyhow, here is a look at what we’ve done.

Our tree
SONY DSC      Close-up

Stockings and stair railing  (Btw, it’s so weird to have stockings that say “Mom” and “Dad” on them.  Every time I see them, it makes me think of my mom and dad.)
Stockings Stairwell 

Drum roll please (start your drum roll)…4 strands of lights, 60 individual bulbs per strand, for a grand total of 240 imported Italian twinkle lights…(you better still be drumming)…JOY TO THE WORLD!!!

(Ok so we have a ways to go before we can compete with the Griswolds =)

In addition to the house preparations, it is also essential that Aiden pay a visit to Santa.  We attempted to go this past weekend with my sister and nephew, however, a late arrival and a long wait got the best of us.  I was determined to get something, however, so we took some pictures in the mall and at home with our tree.  We’ll head back this weekend better prepared for the madness.

In front of mall Santa’s workshop (too much going on in the mall to get Aiden to look at the camera) 
 Dad and Hey What's That Over There Mom and Fine I'll Look Without Turning My Head

Home shots
Pimpin' Ain't Easy Zombie Baby Christmas


After a hard day at the office
All in a day's work

Aside from the decorating and Santa visiting, I’ve been much more into Christmas music this year.  It’s exciting to me knowing that Aiden will one day grow to love these songs and the time of year they represent.  The other day we were getting out of the car and my favorite version of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” came on the radio.  You know, the Springsteen version.  I was so excited I ran to the back of the car, swung open his door, and started singing it to him with no restraint.  He just started laughing and smiling at crazy mommy, and I’m not going to lie…I got a little choked up.  He just oozed with the purest form of Christmas spirit and it breathed new life into the holidays for me.


One Response to “It’s Finally Looking a Bit Like Christmas”

  1. kathy truhn Says:

    The tree looks BEAUTIFUL…I can hardly wait to visit. The countdown is in progress as we speak (write). You are right, the holidays are a time for wonders. I wonder for example why you can sing and I don’t have a prayer of holding a note. What I can do though is bake Christmas cookies… and they are coming your way.

    Aiden is soooooo beautiful, I am so anxious to get my hands on him. Love you guys lots. See you soon. GB

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