Pregnancy – In One Post

Sometime a little over a year ago, I found out I was pregnant with the sweetness we’ve come to know as Aiden.  That’s right, I have no idea of the exact date I found out because at the time I was approaching the end of my first semester of teaching, what was to be my last semester of grad school (at least for the time being), and a crazy busy season of assistant coaching a high school varsity volleyball team.  Needless to say, I had my hands full.  So full in fact that I was at least  6 weeks pregnant before I even thought to take a pregnancy test.


Now in a perfect world, upon finding out about the state of my uterus, I would have started a pregnancy blog and wrote religiously about every thought, feeling, and disgusting body change that occurred as it happened, but like I said, I was busy…and tired…oh so very tired.  In fact, I all but slept away the first trimester waking only to go to work on most days.  I didn’t have any sickness, morning or otherwise, but I did develop a taste for fast food that I normally didn’t have.  This fact alone contributes to what made me suspect that I was pregnant in the first place…here’s how…

All new teachers will attest to the fact that you all but give up eating during the day in that first semester of teaching.  I was no exception, easily losing five pounds in the first nine weeks of class.  I just couldn’t find the time to eat and my body quickly adjusted and stopped  requesting calories.  That is until I became pregnant.

I didn’t understand what was happening at the time, but all of a sudden my hunger would not be ignored.  At first I was still able to make it through the school day, stopping at Burger King or Chick-fil-a or Subway on the way home.  But then came the day that I couldn’t make it…lunchtime rolled around and I HAD to eat.

So I went down to the cafeteria with a credit card and a 50 dollar bill – the only cash I had on me at the time.  I picked out a turkey sandwich and got in line.  When I reached the register, I handed over my credit card, but as I suspected, they didn’t take credit.  So I handed her the fifty.

“We can’t accept any bills larger than a twenty.”

What’s that?  Come again?  All of a sudden the prospect that I wasn’t going to get to eat the sandwich flashed before me, and I started to panic.  I mean surely, SURELY, there must be something that can be done.  I asked to see a manager (yes, in a high school cafeteria), but the bell rang (damn those twenty minute lunch breaks) and I had to book it back to my classroom, sans sandwich.  Later that day (still starving mind you) I walked around the corner to tell my friend Ashley about my behavior.

“Could you be pregnant?”

And there it was.  Four little words.  One giant possibility.  I went home immediately (that is of course after stopping by Burger King and devouring the best burger and onion rings I’d ever had)  and took a pregnancy test.

I managed to make it through the night with my little secret, wanting to think of a clever way to tell Dan, but the next morning I couldn’t take it anymore.  I woke up and told him that I’d had a dream that we were going to have a baby.  Then I told him it wasn’t a dream.  He was shocked and excited.

The rest of the pregnancy was kind of a blur.  Like I said, I pretty much slept the first trimester away and we didn’t tell anyone until I’d made it to the second which turned out to be a pretty good Christmas present.  I was still busy teaching and really didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on the way my body was changing.  Thinking back I was really happy for the distraction.  But certain things couldn’t be ignored and will never be forgotten.

*We found out it was a boy at our fourteen week ultrasound.  We weren’t expecting to find out then so while we were anxious to see the baby’s progress, we weren’t dying to get in there.  The ultrasound tech just kind of sprung it on us, and there was definitely no denying it was a boy.

It's a boy! 

*We decided on the name Aiden Christopher in a discussion that lasted less than two hours one random night.  It took us less time to pick out the name (including spelling) than any single baby item currently in our possession.

*He had hiccups easily 4 times a day from about 20 weeks on.  He had them during one of my doctor’s appointments and hearing it on the Doppler thing cracked me up.

20 weeks

*I never had heartburn until I was pregnant, and then I had it constantly.  I enjoy Tums.

*I know this might sound gross, but I kept the positive pregnancy test under my sink until a couple of months ago.  Don’t ask me what I was saving it for.  I just couldn’t bring myself to throw it away.


*My sister can throw one heck of a baby shower, and I have great friends and family.


*The most painful part of delivery for me was when they attempted to turn my little breach baby before signing me up for a c-section.  He didn’t budge.  This was 100% not how I envisioned that day would go for the 9 months leading up to it.

*My due date was July 15th, but he came on July 1st, 2 weeks early.  I did everything in my power to ensure that he would come early leading up to delivery.  In fact, when I asked Dan for any special memories that he had surrounding my pregnancy, these attempts were the only thing he could remember ;)

This feels like such a brief glimpse of a very significant 9 month period, but it really was an amazing first pregnancy.  I was very lucky then and even more lucky now.  Can’t believe this is what was in there the whole time…



2 Responses to “Pregnancy – In One Post”

  1. kathy truhn Says:

    All of your memories are wonderful and sharing them the way you do is fantastic, but this one made me cry! (in a good way). We didn’t have all of this technology available during my pregnancies but as you share your memories, mine seem to surface as well and I remember my excitement so long ago. Today you are a mom but someday you too will be a grandmother and you will remember these joyous days as if they were yesterday. I hope that all the dreams you have for your “little man” will come to fruition and that he will make you as happy as my sons have made me.

  2. linda gardner Says:

    I thought for sure as I was reading this you were going to spring it on us that you were pregnant again. Oh well, wishful thinking I guess (??).

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