Thanksgiving on the Farm

We took our first road trip with Aiden over the Thanksgiving break down to Florida to see Dan’s side of the family.  We were anxious about the 6+ hours each way in the car, but we drove at night, and Aiden slept like the dead both ways.  We spent a majority of the trip with his Pop and Mema on their “farm” in Deland.  This was their first time meeting Aiden, and a good time was had by all.

Aiden meet goat:
Watch those fingers!

We’re not sure where his legs went in these:
Love him! Bleeeeaaat

Looking festive with his pumpkin hat and turkey bib, each grandparent provided:
Pumpkinhead Fun with Mema 

Mema and Pop (where’s Chuckie’s body…what the heck is going on?):
Pre-Thanksgiving Feast

We got Pop to hold Aiden once (when Dan plopped him down unexpectedly)…
Dan dumped him in his lap 

…but mostly he just poked at him.
Hey Pop

Meeting Great Grandmother:
88 years old

Four generations of Louches:
A lotta Louche         

Great Uncle Bill:
Uncle Bill was a fan

Before heading back Saturday night, we drove over to Orlando so Aiden could meet Uncle Darek, Aunt Amanda, and cousin Alyssa.  He also got the added bonus of seeing his Grandma and Rick (who needs a grandparent name).  Despite my best efforts to rally the troops for pictures, we got very little here.  We’re going to have to do better when they’re up for Christmas!  These are of Aiden and his cousin who was an awesome helper during our short stay.

 Thanksgiving Feast #2

Alyssa and Aiden

Sunday, my family came over to our house with tons of food, and we had yet another Thanksgiving feast.  Dan and I were like zombies from the drive, so no pictures, but the food and company were excellent. It really rounded out a wonderful first Thanksgiving for my little man (who’s now 5 months old, btw).


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