As mentioned earlier, Aiden got started on solid food this past week (November 15th).  We started with a little rice cereal mixed with milk between his late afternoon and final feeding, conveniently timed right before his bath.  The first time was pretty hilarious, and anyone that’s ever fed this baby will relate as to why.  You see, Aiden is what I like to call a ravenous eater.  There’s no breaks or burping of any kind once he gets started until he’s finished.  Even now, I can barely switch sides when nursing without him getting a little whiny.  So it was no surprise to us when we had to break out an extra spoon to keep the food coming.

Come the second day, he was much more relaxed, allowing us to use only one spoon.  We continued practicing with the cereal throughout the week but only noticed a slight improvement in his spoon technique day to day.  That is until Saturday.  Saturday, we introduced him to sweet potatoes, and all of a sudden our little boy became a spoon master, not letting a single drop escape his mouth once it past his lips.  He also started opening wide to make sure I knew he was ready for more.  Needless to say, I think he liked sweet potatoes.

After his initial feeding of sweet potatoes, I started mixing them in with the cereal.  That seems to be going pretty well for now.  After the holiday weekend, we’ll start in on a new vegetable.  We’ve got squash, green beans, and carrots on the horizon before we start in on fruits.  Yay!  It’s so awesome seeing him try new foods for the first time. 

   Do I have something on my chin?    Keep it coming lady!!

On a feeding side note, I’ve also recently discovered that the boy is refusing to eat formula (unless mixed in  sweet potato/cereal goulash).  I tried to give him a bottle the other night while we were out to dinner which he refused.  At the time I chalked it up to tiredness, but then today I sent a bottle of formula with him to daycare, and  his teacher said he wouldn’t take it.  I’m not exactly sure what to do about this as I’m out of my milk stash and can’t pump enough at work.  Anyone out there have a similar situation?  Suggestions are welcome and appreciated…


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