Novel Weekend Novel

This past weekend was filled with awesomeness, however, true to form, I have very little photographic evidence to prove it.  We did manage to take some pictures on Sunday, so if you’re not interested in every little detail of my eventful weekend (or doctor rants), please scroll down.

Aiden had his four month well visit to a NEW doctor this past Friday.  I had been contemplating a doctor switch from the beginning since our original doctor liked to talk to us with the same inflection and enthusiasm she used with the children which I hate.  I’m an adult and Aiden is a child.  Adjust your voice accordingly when you’re addressing us.  It’s not hard.  Anyhow, I was finally pushed over the edge when a family emergency caused the doctor to cancel the appointment that I actually had enough foresight to make so that it would fall around his four month birthday.  When I called back to reschedule the following day, they didn’t have anything for a month.  This was unacceptable so we moved to a new doctor literally ten steps away from them.  I’m happy to report that I liked this new doctor much better.  She is delightfully drab and to the point…exactly what I want in a medical professional.  Aiden also flashed her several award winning smiles which I also took as a good sign.

Aiden weighed in at 13 lbs 5ozs (10-25th percentile) and 25 1/4 inches (75th percentile).  Still tall and skinny.  He got three shots and cried a little longer this time than last, but still not too bad.  A good part of the appointment was spent coaching us on how to start introducing solids to Aiden.  I was a very eager student, excited about the prospect of finally being able to appease all those folks that have said to give him rice cereal from the beginning (hi mom! =).  Since I’m running a little behind on posting, I will say that we have since given it a try and it was as awesome as I’d hoped.  Stay tuned.

So doctor’s appointment was good, and because it’s impossible to spend any less than an hour and a half there, no matter how routine the visit,  we missed our Friday mommy/baby class which always disappoints me (and Aiden I’m sure).  Thankfully my friend Alexis (with baby Maya) made up for it by hosting an amazing play date, our first ever.  Now this would be a great place for a picture of the four babies playing together or just co-existing in the same room, but like I said, I suck.  Fortunately this does give me motivation to do it again.  Not that I would need motivation because it was really quite lovely spending the afternoon snacking and getting to know other moms while Aiden got his play on.  Thanks again Alexis and Maya!

Saturday night I got a chance to go out with my teacher friends who I’ve missed dearly.  They are a fun group (the best cohort on earth some would say), and I had a blast hearing all of their teacher stories (even if I didn’t have any new ones to add) and singing karaoke with them.  I personally didn’t take any pictures, but I know several were taken.  Once they are posted on Facebook, I’ll add them here.  For now this is all I got (thanks Adrienne!).

Best Cohort Ever 

Of course me being gone all night, meant that Dan had babysitting duties.  This was the first time that Dan flew solo on getting Aiden through his nighttime routine.  He also got to handle the 12:30am wakeup call, which is an unusual time for Aiden to be up (I think he must have missed me).  But Dan did great and was a wonderful sport about the whole thing, and I really appreciated the opportunity to go out.  The next morning Dan said the experience reminded him of the first time he watched Callea overnight for me.  I’m happy yet slightly disappointed he didn’t think to do this with the baby ;)

Bad Daddy 

Which brings us to Sunday.  We had a pleasant little visit from the grandparents, took a lovely little walk in the glorious fall weather with Aiden sitting in the stroller like a big boy (no infant carrier), and took some great pictures.  Without further ado.

Yay For Fall  Hi Nama Airplane in the Leaves

Drool Machine Leaves!

Mom and DadMmmm I Will Eat You...   SONY DSC


4 Responses to “Novel Weekend Novel”

  1. kathy truhn Says:

    For the first time I see dimples! How cute is that. I can hardly wait until I can get my fingers on that little munchkin. I enjoy your writings so much, since I can’t be there in person it is so nice to be included in all your doings. Helps to make me feel like I am a part of all that is going on. I share your blog with all off my “painting crowd” and we spend lots of time discussing our grandchildren. Some of them used to think that their grandchild was the most wonderful…needless to say I have straightened them out about that. Keep the news coming…it is important to me. Love you all.

  2. Paula Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of Aiden in the leaves!!! (The one with the dimples.) You should submit that picture into a contest or something. He would definitely win!

    Looks like you guys are great parents. I can’t wait to see you all in action. I promise to visit soon!


  3. Megan Golding Says:

    Saturday night was a great treat, thanks for joining us!

  4. Alexis Costanzo Says:

    Beth! I LOVE this blog! You are so funny…and I thought the same exact thing about the lack of a playdate picture for Maya’s album. What the heck is wrong with us?! I think we were actually just relaxing and enjoying the moments or something. I can’t wait to do it again…I’m actually trying to plan something as we speak and will let you know…

    And before I go…these pictures of Aiden are AMAZING! Who is the professional photographer?! He’s so bright-eyed and happy in all of them. He really is a handsome little guy! Can’t wait to see how he’s changed since our last visit…

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