Happy 4 Months Aiden!


Dear Aiden,

It’s been months since you fit into your newborn clothes and diapers (a surprisingly hard pill to swallow) and according to the internet you were only a newborn for 4 weeks.  Despite these facts it is only now that I am starting to see you more as an infant than my little newborn baby.

You’ve come so far from the early days when you would mostly just eat, sleep, poop, and fuss.  Now we actually witness you learning new things and interacting with your environment.  Your noises are less like “super nova” screams and more like genuine attempts to communicate with us.  You have such a sweet, smiley personality, and everyone that knows you adores you.

You love to eat your hands and fly like an airplane and nobody can make you giggle like daddy can. I can’t get enough of all the sounds you make.  We’ve recently heard actual bursts of laughter which is simply music to my ears.    You talk up a storm, telling me all about your day when I pick you up from daycare.  You are the most vocal on your stomach where you do an excellent job of holding your head up these days.  You’ve rolled over, but you don’t do it often.  You’re a drool machine.   You’re getting excellent control over your hands, and already anything you get a hold of goes straight to your mouth.  You started sitting up in your bumbo chair, and I think you like the new perspective because you are increasingly discontent on your back unless someone is entertaining you or you have something interesting to look at and/or reach for.  I can always elicit a smile from you with my awesome singing.  When you’re mad you stiffen your entire body making it impossible to do anything with you, but you’re rarely mad these days.  You refused to be burped until you’re completely finished eating.  When you’re tired, your favorite place is in my arms where you hang like a monkey making it increasingly harder to put you down to sleep because you’re just so darn cuddly.

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

Love you a million,



One Response to “Happy 4 Months Aiden!”

  1. Alexis Costanzo Says:

    ok, and I just cried reading this…you’re a great mom!!!

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