Do I Have Something In My Eye?

Yesterday I got a call from Aiden’s daycare while I was at work  informing me that his eyes were leaking green stuff.  He was fine that morning, but apparently throughout the day the leakage appeared and then worsened. They told me it could be pink eye, but they weren’t sure.  It was also a possibility that his tear ducts might have gotten clogged as we’ve had trouble with eye crusties before.  I made him a doctor’s appointment on the way to pick him up.

IMG_1630Turns out that it’s pink eye even though he has no actual pinkness in his eye.  Everything else checked out – no ear problems which is a common side effect of pink eye apparently.  He was prescribed some drops that we have to put in his eyes 4 times daily.    He’s contagious for 24 hours so we’re skipping our Friday mom and baby workout class.  We’re not sure how he got it, but it’s entirely possible that he picked it up at daycare.  Hopefully he didn’t pass it along to anyone else.  I think I’ve done exceptionally well at remaining calm (it’s just pink eye after all) and the guilt is as little as it could be given the THREE people between the doctors office and pharmacy alone that gave me sympathetic “he’s so young to have pink eye” looks. 

On the bright side of pink eye (there’s always a silver lining), it’s taught me something about my little man.  Last night we were prepared for the worst as we geared up for the first round of drops.  Nobody likes getting drops in their eyes so we figured he’d protest as soon as the horror ensued.  But guess what.  He just let us do it without a peep.  I mean sure, he wiggled a little bit, but not a single whine or break in spirit.  And then it happened again this morning.  So it looks like we have a tough little guy on our hands…a trooper really.  We’ve always wondered why he unflinchingly tolerated us accidentally, yet repeatedly spraying him in the face while rinsing during bath time.  Now we know.

In other news, Dan managed to fall off a ladder today while working on his Tiny House Project.  When I pulled up he was limping around the driveway.  If I’d come home two minutes earlier he would have been face down on the trailer, and I would have freaked out.  Luckily he’s okay, but he’s opting to return the cheapest ladder he could find.  I thought that sounded like a fantastic idea.


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