Short Stories

Last week after work Aiden, Dan and myself stepped out for a walk on a glorious fall afternoon.  Admittedly it was our first walk in a whileSONY DSC since we no longer have to use it as a calming mechanism to make it through the day.  We had not even made it out of our cul-de-sac when I look down at my smiling, just happy to be alive baby sitting in his stroller and say to Dan “I’m forgetting”.  Dan knew exactly what I was talking about and concurred.  After all, what’s three months of what sometimes felt like cruel and unusual punishment compared to the lifetime that’s before us.  So while I never thought this day would come, we’re on the brink of joining the ranks of many that propagate lies of omission to parents-to-be because we can only remember the good stuff.


SONY DSC Last night, Aiden slept from 6:30pm to 5am.  This is the first time he’s  slept through the night since we stopped putting him to bed right before we go to bed.  At 4am I woke up and had to pump.  At 4:20am I was back in bed, wide awake, and sorely missing the ten minute rendezvous that I usually have with him in the middle of the night.  Figures.



One Response to “Short Stories”

  1. Tyler Thigpen Says:

    Sleeping through the night ROCKS!!! Keep it up, little man!

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