We Made It!

All first time parents these days have probably heard of or read “The We Made It!Happiest Baby on the Block” which is a book written to give new parents some clue as to how to soothe a fussy baby.  We didn’t have this book when Aiden was born, but we went out and bought it within a few days of having him home after a couple of frantic “baby won’t stop crying” internet searches.  In the book the author presents the idea of the fourth trimester which is basically the three month period following a baby’s birth where the baby may be excessively disgruntled as he transitions from being all snuggly in the womb.  Well this past week, Aiden reached the three month mark so we did it!  We survived the fourth trimester!

At Aiden’s two month appointment that we had a couple of weeks ago, his pediatrician reminded Dan and I of our earlier concerns to demonstrate to us how far we’ve come.  At his three week appointment we told her that Aiden was only awake and happy a total of an hour a day.  I’ll never forget her diagnosis – failure to self-soothe. 

 Wonder                 Surprise

I will say that the aforementioned book did wonders for us with the caveat that it’s just plain impossible to soothe a baby all the time.  Soothing Aiden was often back-breaking manual labor so much so that we often joked that if he could talk, he’d be yelling “I want to hear your bones crushing”.  We’ve spent countless hours carrying and bouncing and dancing him around.  It often felt that he wasn’t happy unless every muscle in our bodies was working for him.  It is possible that the sleep deprivation exacerbated these ideas.

Learning Animal Sounds

Anyhow, here’s an idea of Aiden’s first three months in relationship to the ever popular 5 S’s:

1.  Swaddling

Aiden wasn’t much for being swaddled.  The only time we swaddled him was right before we put him to bed, and it really just served the purpose of keeping those flailing arms under wraps so he would stay asleep when we placed him on his back.

2.  Side/Stomach

Admittedly this second one is how we survived with minimal swaddling.  Aiden likes to be on his stomach, and yes that includes while sleeping.  We didn’t initially sleep him on his stomach, but we gradually introduced it as he got bigger.  He now sleeps almost exclusively on his stomach.

Tummy Time 

3.  Shhhing

The louder the better with this one.  The vacuum cleaner was our shhher and it worked EVERY time.  He also likes loud music.

4.  Swinging

Aiden loves to bounce and he likes it rough.  We bought a glider so  that we could rock him but it only works when he’s  half asleep (aka never).  Turns out all I needed was a yoga ball.  If you have a fussy baby get a yoga ball to bounce on now and resign yourself to having guns by the time your baby can walk.  I don’t think my upper body has ever been stronger thanks to all the baby bouncing I’ve done.  I also like to salsa with him which puts him sleep in minutes.

Soothing Station

5.  Sucking

No pacifier.  Unless of course you want to hold it in his mouth (think bones crushing).  He likes his hands and I believe will be a thumb sucker if he’s every able to find it.  I wonder if nursing makes babies prefer the texture of skin.


It seems now things have flipped and little Aiden is only awake and fussy about an hour out of the day.  The rest of time we get this…



One Response to “We Made It!”

  1. Linda Says:

    Who wouldn’t love him! Aiden is sooo adorable. Keep it coming.

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