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Do I Have Something In My Eye?

October 30, 2009

Yesterday I got a call from Aiden’s daycare while I was at work  informing me that his eyes were leaking green stuff.  He was fine that morning, but apparently throughout the day the leakage appeared and then worsened. They told me it could be pink eye, but they weren’t sure.  It was also a possibility that his tear ducts might have gotten clogged as we’ve had trouble with eye crusties before.  I made him a doctor’s appointment on the way to pick him up.

IMG_1630Turns out that it’s pink eye even though he has no actual pinkness in his eye.  Everything else checked out – no ear problems which is a common side effect of pink eye apparently.  He was prescribed some drops that we have to put in his eyes 4 times daily.    He’s contagious for 24 hours so we’re skipping our Friday mom and baby workout class.  We’re not sure how he got it, but it’s entirely possible that he picked it up at daycare.  Hopefully he didn’t pass it along to anyone else.  I think I’ve done exceptionally well at remaining calm (it’s just pink eye after all) and the guilt is as little as it could be given the THREE people between the doctors office and pharmacy alone that gave me sympathetic “he’s so young to have pink eye” looks. 

On the bright side of pink eye (there’s always a silver lining), it’s taught me something about my little man.  Last night we were prepared for the worst as we geared up for the first round of drops.  Nobody likes getting drops in their eyes so we figured he’d protest as soon as the horror ensued.  But guess what.  He just let us do it without a peep.  I mean sure, he wiggled a little bit, but not a single whine or break in spirit.  And then it happened again this morning.  So it looks like we have a tough little guy on our hands…a trooper really.  We’ve always wondered why he unflinchingly tolerated us accidentally, yet repeatedly spraying him in the face while rinsing during bath time.  Now we know.

In other news, Dan managed to fall off a ladder today while working on his Tiny House Project.  When I pulled up he was limping around the driveway.  If I’d come home two minutes earlier he would have been face down on the trailer, and I would have freaked out.  Luckily he’s okay, but he’s opting to return the cheapest ladder he could find.  I thought that sounded like a fantastic idea.


Short Stories

October 26, 2009

Last week after work Aiden, Dan and myself stepped out for a walk on a glorious fall afternoon.  Admittedly it was our first walk in a whileSONY DSC since we no longer have to use it as a calming mechanism to make it through the day.  We had not even made it out of our cul-de-sac when I look down at my smiling, just happy to be alive baby sitting in his stroller and say to Dan “I’m forgetting”.  Dan knew exactly what I was talking about and concurred.  After all, what’s three months of what sometimes felt like cruel and unusual punishment compared to the lifetime that’s before us.  So while I never thought this day would come, we’re on the brink of joining the ranks of many that propagate lies of omission to parents-to-be because we can only remember the good stuff.


SONY DSC Last night, Aiden slept from 6:30pm to 5am.  This is the first time he’s  slept through the night since we stopped putting him to bed right before we go to bed.  At 4am I woke up and had to pump.  At 4:20am I was back in bed, wide awake, and sorely missing the ten minute rendezvous that I usually have with him in the middle of the night.  Figures.


Poor Man’s Halloween

October 25, 2009

Fun morning with a couple of cuties and a sheet…

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Yummy Giggles

October 21, 2009

I don’t take adding categories lightly.  As a reader of this blog, you probably don’t even notice the categories, but I select them carefully for each post and only add categories that I think I’ll be able to reuse.  Why?  Well I like to think it’s because I’m organized and detest clutter (although the current state of our house may not show it ;).  It might sound silly and might become more challenging the longer I do this, but it is what it is for now.

Anyhow, I’ve added a new category for this post – “Laughing”.  I decided to add it because I look forward to the Louche Family doing a lot of this together and I hope to be able to continue sharing it!  I dare you not to smile at this one…

Back To Work

October 18, 2009

I started back to work this week which means Aiden started at his new school (aka daycare).  I went into this transition very much like I went into parenting – extremely unprepared.  If you had asked me the days leading up to my first day back, I would have admitted to some anxiety at the idea of dropping off Aiden with people that are essentially strangers after three months of not being away from him but for a few hours at a time.  But I also would have said that I feel like it’s important that I go back to work so that I can maintain my sanity.  After all, it’s more about quality than quantity, right?

Well that’s all fine and good, but here are some of the realities from the week:

1. No matter how sure you are that you’re doing the right thing and how many times you tell yourself not to cry, your emotions can still get the best of you.  Even Dan got a little choked up as we were passing him off.  The good news is that they waited until we got teary-eyed to take the family photo.

Family at Daycare

2.  There’s a lot to be said for proximity.  It only took one day to realize that all things created equal I’d be a lot happier if Aiden was in a daycare closer to my work.  Unfortunately I quickly found out that all the daycares around my office in Atlanta have 1-2 year waiting lists.  We’re now on all of them.

3. On a related note, if see a woman tearing down the road like a bat out of hell, it’s probably just best to get out of her way.  She might on her way to pickup her baby.  I can’t get there to pick him up fast enough.

4. Being away from Aiden makes me extremely tense like nothing ever has.  I have to concentrate on staying calm and relaxed, and a slow start to work made this so much worse.  I’m hoping this gets better soon.

5.  Pumping at work is a pain and there are people that are offended by pump parts being visible in the work place.

6.  Aiden is physically strong and crazy stubborn and he made sure his Mrs. Phi Phiteachers knew it this week.  I told Mrs. Phi Phi that we sleep him on his stomach at home and that he will likely not nap on his back.  After experiencing some of his stiffness, she placed him on his back in his crib and she was amazed that he managed to turn from his back to his stomach – generally a 6 month milestone.  Since he’s proved he can turn himself over, she’s now allowed to lay him down on him stomach.  She couldn’t believe his tenacity and thinks he’ll be walking by 8 months….her words not mine.

7.  Less is more.  Working 30 hours a week in 4 days (I get Fridays off) is an awesome schedule and I’ll probably never go back to full time.  Also, since my mom offered to watch Aiden on Mondays, he’ll only go to daycare 3 days a week.  Yay!

8.  This transition is far harder on the mom than it is on the baby.  Aiden has been eating well, is an absolute joy in the afternoon, and is still sleeping like a champ at night.  To me he seems relatively unfazed by the change.  This makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the place and people we chose to keep him.

9.  Having a child puts the importance of work into perspective.  I’m happy to have a job, and I’m glad that I’ll still get to use my brain in this capacity, but it’s just a job.

10.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  I love my little man and am thankful for every moment we spend together.

Btw, for those interested, I did not go back to teaching which is what I did last year, but to software engineering which is what I did the five years before that.  The list of reasons is long:  less hours, more flexibility, no grading or work of any kind on nights and weekends, less stress, better pay…I could go on and on.  Despite knowing that I made the right decision for me at this time, I’m surprised by how sad I feel about not teaching.  I will miss it.

Latest Developments

October 12, 2009

I have yet to catch it on video, but Aiden started rolling from his stomach to his back this week.  I didn’t see him do it the first time.  He was in his crib on his tummy while I was straightening up his room.  When I peeked in to check on him, he was on his back.  I scooped him up and made a big scene, showering him with kisses.  I don’t think he knew what was going on, but it was so exciting!  I’ve seen him do it a couple times since, but it still requires quite a bit of energy on his part.

He also began reaching for his dangling toys (stroller, bouncy chair, and mat) with a purpose this week.  I know I talked about him grabbing his octopus in an earlier post, but honestly at the time I was pretty sure it was just an accident.  I know that isn’t the case now and I swear it happened over night…like he just woke up one morning and decided to start controlling his arms and hands.  Now when he grabs my fingers or touches my hand, my heart just melts because I feel like he’s intentionally initiating contact with me.  If I could bottle the feeling up and sell it, I swear the world would be a much happier place.

I just can’t get over how far we’ve come in such a short time.  It’s all happening so fast and Dan and I can’t help but feel like time is already getting away from us.  I didn’t think I’d be saying this so early, but I’m seriously considering putting a rock on Aiden’s head.  It doesn’t help that I start back to work tomorrow =\

Last of the 20-Somethings

October 8, 2009

I turned 29 this past Saturday, and I actually feel older.  It’s crazy to think of my parents sitting in my boat 29 years ago as first time parents.  As far as presents go, I got a pretty sweet keyboard so now I can start learning to play in my copious amounts of free time.  If nothing else, Aiden and I can learn together as he gets older which I really look forward to.  Speaking of the little man, here’s the card he gave me… =)

 Front   Inside

Dan took me out to dinner for my birthday which means Aiden got to spend the evening with Aunt Becky and Chris.  Aiden loves his Aunt Becky.


And Uncle Jimmy isn’t half bad either.  He actually just got accepted to Georgia Tech so there’ll be another Yellow Jacket in the family.  I couldn’t be prouder of him!  This was his influence when my family came over to celebrate with me on Sunday.  Go Steelers!


We Made It!

October 6, 2009

All first time parents these days have probably heard of or read “The We Made It!Happiest Baby on the Block” which is a book written to give new parents some clue as to how to soothe a fussy baby.  We didn’t have this book when Aiden was born, but we went out and bought it within a few days of having him home after a couple of frantic “baby won’t stop crying” internet searches.  In the book the author presents the idea of the fourth trimester which is basically the three month period following a baby’s birth where the baby may be excessively disgruntled as he transitions from being all snuggly in the womb.  Well this past week, Aiden reached the three month mark so we did it!  We survived the fourth trimester!

At Aiden’s two month appointment that we had a couple of weeks ago, his pediatrician reminded Dan and I of our earlier concerns to demonstrate to us how far we’ve come.  At his three week appointment we told her that Aiden was only awake and happy a total of an hour a day.  I’ll never forget her diagnosis – failure to self-soothe. 

 Wonder                 Surprise

I will say that the aforementioned book did wonders for us with the caveat that it’s just plain impossible to soothe a baby all the time.  Soothing Aiden was often back-breaking manual labor so much so that we often joked that if he could talk, he’d be yelling “I want to hear your bones crushing”.  We’ve spent countless hours carrying and bouncing and dancing him around.  It often felt that he wasn’t happy unless every muscle in our bodies was working for him.  It is possible that the sleep deprivation exacerbated these ideas.

Learning Animal Sounds

Anyhow, here’s an idea of Aiden’s first three months in relationship to the ever popular 5 S’s:

1.  Swaddling

Aiden wasn’t much for being swaddled.  The only time we swaddled him was right before we put him to bed, and it really just served the purpose of keeping those flailing arms under wraps so he would stay asleep when we placed him on his back.

2.  Side/Stomach

Admittedly this second one is how we survived with minimal swaddling.  Aiden likes to be on his stomach, and yes that includes while sleeping.  We didn’t initially sleep him on his stomach, but we gradually introduced it as he got bigger.  He now sleeps almost exclusively on his stomach.

Tummy Time 

3.  Shhhing

The louder the better with this one.  The vacuum cleaner was our shhher and it worked EVERY time.  He also likes loud music.

4.  Swinging

Aiden loves to bounce and he likes it rough.  We bought a glider so  that we could rock him but it only works when he’s  half asleep (aka never).  Turns out all I needed was a yoga ball.  If you have a fussy baby get a yoga ball to bounce on now and resign yourself to having guns by the time your baby can walk.  I don’t think my upper body has ever been stronger thanks to all the baby bouncing I’ve done.  I also like to salsa with him which puts him sleep in minutes.

Soothing Station

5.  Sucking

No pacifier.  Unless of course you want to hold it in his mouth (think bones crushing).  He likes his hands and I believe will be a thumb sucker if he’s every able to find it.  I wonder if nursing makes babies prefer the texture of skin.


It seems now things have flipped and little Aiden is only awake and fussy about an hour out of the day.  The rest of time we get this…