Peek-a-Boo Bedtime

8:00 pm.  That’s when Dan and I head upstairs every night with Aiden to tuck him in.  This is following his bath and last feeding – the start of his bedtime routine.  Sometimes he’s already pretty asleep on the way to the nursery, but sometimes he’s wide awake.  Either way, we wrap him up in a blanket and Dan rocks him while I read him a story.  More often than not, he’s asleep by the end of the story, but sometimes he’s just faking it.  Regardless we’ll place him in the crib and stand back to make sure he settles.  If he happens to still be awake, his eyes will often shoot open and his arms will start flailing which we used to enjoy watching safely out of his eyesight at the back of the crib.  Lately, however, he has proven to us that he knows we’re there by wiggling and tilting his head in an effort to find us and look at us.  The first time he did it, both Dan and I hit the deck trying to avoid eye contact.  We then proceeded to peek over the edge of his crib to see if was still looking.  He was.  Both of us were trying really hard not to laugh.  I wish I had it on video. 

Sometimes we just stand there and look at him once we get him to sleep.



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