That Just Happened!

Swinging and Sleeping Here’s a picture of Aiden sleeping in his swing.  What’s the big deal you may be asking yourself?  Babies sleep in their swings all the time.  Well, not our baby!  Aiden has hated his swing from day one.  (We’re pretty sure it’s because he knows that mommy and daddy get to relax when he’s in it.)  We had recently moved the swing to another room just to get it out of the way since we never use it. 

As we were about to go out for a walk today, I thought on a whim that I’d give it a try thinking that if he started screaming, we’d just walk.  And wouldn’t you know, he not only enjoyed the swing, but he actually fell asleep (which was the original goal of the walk).  I was so amazed that I started taking pictures.  I emailed this picture to Dan at work because I needed someone to share in my amazement.  I even broke out the video camera and got a 30 second clip of him just chilling in the swing. 

So did I get anything done while he was napping in his swing?  Why of course not.  After the photo shoot, I spent the whole time watching him completely dumbfounded.  But I’ll be ready next time…IF there is a next time…


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