I didn’t know a lot about parenting before Aiden came along, but routine has been something I’ve strived for from the beginning.  It brings me (and hopefully Aiden and Dan) great comfort to know what to expect at certain times of the day.  That said, nighttime quickly became my favorite part of the day in terms of our routine.  Not only am I getting to sleep somewhat but I can for the most part rely on the following: Aiden cries, mommy gets up, diaper change, nurse, Aiden falls asleep, mommy puts him back in his crib and goes back to bed.  It’s a pretty simple pattern of events that happens two, sometimes three times each night…

…except for the rare nights when it doesn’t go like that.  These are known as the bad nights and last night was one of those nights.  They usually begin when either 1) Aiden won’t go back to sleep after eating or 2) Aiden wakes up before it’s time for him to be eating.  Last night it was the latter.  On these nights, it often becomes a family affair as I find my patience lacking with the unexpected interruption in sleep. 

The following pictures were taken on a deep sea fishing trip that Dan and I both got sick on while living in Melbourne, Florida.  They capture the essence of how we felt last night.


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