Becoming Parents

This past week was the first week that Dan and I were completely on our own in taking care of Aiden.  No nurses, no parents, just us.  The good news is that we all made it out alive, but perhaps needless to say, it was a trying, tiring week.  It turns out that we know very little about taking care of a newborn and we spent most of week just winging it.  I believe this email I sent to one of my girlfriends at some point in the week best sums up our initial feelings on becoming parents:

“…it feels really good having a baby, although it makes me realize that I have very little baby experience.  When he’s asleep, it’s great, but when he’s awake, I’m like what do I do with you now?!?  He’s a pretty simple creature at this point so Dan and I both are constantly wondering if we’re doing things right.  I imagine this feeling will never go away to some degree.  My mom and dad stayed with me all last week which was nice but made it hard to get into any routine or sit down and have a moment to myself.  Dan worked part time so he could stay home with me this week and I’m glad we did it that way because I would have been overwhelmed here by myself not even two weeks in.  Yesterday was the first day we flew solo and things are going pretty well although we’ve wondered more than once what the hell we were thinking ;)  For the most part, these thoughts are an exception to the rule though as Aiden is a sweetheart a majority of the time.  His face and noises melt my heart.  I could just watch him sleep for hours.  It parallels my belief that children are like dogs to a large degree…this is the I just brought home a new puppy that pees and poops all over the house and howls at night when he is confined in his cage phase.  Based on every puppy experience I’ve had, I trust the joy will only increase from here.”


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